Smashwords AND Amazon

I’ve just received a message that Death on a Dig has been accepted for the premium catalogue with Smashwords, meaning that it will be distributed to Kobo, Sony, Barnes & Noble and other outlets – soon.

The nerve-wracking part is that while it’s posted for sale on Smashwords, you receive a lot of closely written information about what you can do to ensure there are no problems. But if you’ve followed instructions in the guide, there really aren’t any more changes to make, except the ones that aren’t really necessary – like an extra line space after chapter headings so it looks a little neater in a PDF.

I followed instructions and, of course, not being able to leave well enough alone – and not knowing whether or not it was well enough — I made changes, posted another version, waited some more and reread the instructions you’re referred to every time you make a change, and made a couple more changes.

Amazon has it’s own peculiarities. I have another ebook for sale there under the Select program (Girls of Summer:  In Their Own League, a social history of the women who played pro ball 1943-54) and so I’m familiar with the web site. I’ve never been able to get used to the fact that being logged in means that you see less rather than more, which is what you’d expect.

I’m in Canada so when I’m looking at (which I always imagine has a bigger selection), I get a message like ‘No pricing information available’ (which isn’t true). And there is no link to my carefully constructed and fairly full author profile. So whenever I want to look at how my book appears, I actually have to Log Out of Amazon to see it as potential buyers will see it.

But I have to say that both sites have people who do respond to questions (within 24 hours usually) and are very patient.

You may be wondering whether or not I would be willing to tell you about my sales numbers for Death on a Dig. The answer is, yes, I am willing.  And when I sell anything worth mentioning, I’ll let you know.

Have you had an experience with epublishing you'd like to share? I'd like 
to hear about it. Leave a comment below.
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