Is one POD service better than another?

Stacey Aronson, Book Doctor, provides a great overview of two major Print On Demand (POD) services for self-publishing authors. If you’re faced with a decision on which to use, or even whether or not to use POD, I don’t think you’ll find anything more useful. 

The Book Doctor Is In takes you to her web site.

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3 thoughts on “Is one POD service better than another?

  1. I use LSI and my friend uses CS and there is a very noticeable difference in quality. The trim on the top of her books is never straight, so the top of the book when on the shelf has a slant. Also, the printing in her books has been inconsistent with black fading to an almost unreadable light gray.

    • Thanks for your input, Matt. What about the other issues — of cost and time?

      • It depends on how much control and ownership you want over both the process and the product. I formed my own publishing co. and learned what I needed to know to publish with LSI, which includes buying your own ISBN’s (10 for $250 isn’t really that much). It seems overwhelming at first, but if you tackle each task one at a time, you can do it. Outside of the quality issues, Createspace is known to be an Amazon company and local bookstores in many cases will not support that with shelf space or signings. You can choose an ‘imprint’ with CS, but CS is still your publisher, since they supply the ISBN.

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