Murder in the Clubhouse – a free short story

I’m trying different styles in writing mystery fiction. Death on a Dig is my most ambitious story to date. Gwen Madden is a middle-aged woman who seeks adventure and finds it searching for another woman’s missing daughter.

I have a Gwen Madden novella in the works and I’m wrapping up a short story — called Something for the Dead — featuring a young man returned from military service in the Middle East, recovering from war wounds as he tries to make a living as an investigator.

MurderintheClubhouse Cover, AAGPBLBut I’ve had another story noodling around in my head, which I have just finished. This is a different style too. The main characters are the girls who played professional baseball in the 1940s.

Murder in the Clubhouse:  A Diamond Girls Mystery features Jo Diamond, a ballplayer who, along with her cousin Harry, finds she knows more about the dead body found in her team’s clubhouse than she can afford to disclose.

If she and Harry tell what they know, it could be the end of the team and their professional baseball careers. Their only option is to find the killer before the police find out their secret.

Click on the cover to read go to and download Murder in the Clubhouse: A Diamond Girls Mystery. It’s free and available in a multitude of formats. But if you like it, I’d really appreciate your letting me know. You can leave a comment below or better yet, a review at Smashwords.

I know the time and place this story is set in because I wrote, and HarperCollins published, Girls of Summer: In Their Own League in 1992. It’s for sale as an ebook on Amazon at

Girls of Summer: In Their Own League chronicles the years 1943-54 when the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League operated in towns of the American midwest. A significant number of the players, especially in the early years, were Canadians who had become softball stars in their own provinces before the League recruited them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the women who played pro ball during WWII and after, you can follow my blog at I try to post a couple of items a week from my original research. #indiebook

Like my story? Let me know. Leave a comment below.
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