Death on a Dig featured on Awesomegang web site

I’m always looking for places to promote my first mystery novel, Death on a Dig. 

My latest effort is to submit it to, a book promotion web site. I’ve also provided them with a written interview.  The book promotion is now running on their front page and will continue for three days.

The interview isn’t up yet but that’s OK. It will be permanent when it is and that will help with ongoing marketing, if for no other reason than because I can promote the page myself.

Some of the promotion — the  interview, the listing — is free but the three-day feature on their web site costs $10, So far they have tweeted the fact that it’s on their front page and advertised on their Facebook page. I’ve done the same.  This is my first foray into paid promotion so I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

I’ll keep you writers posted. Readers might be interested, too, in the means we authors use to find you. #indiebook

A special note for readers:  all authors welcome reviews. And the smartest authors welcome them even when they’re not 100% complimentary.

If you want to receive updates to my promotional efforts, be sure you are following
my blog. If you want to make an author happy, review something! Or leave a comment :)
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