I write like….

There’s a web site called I Write Like… You can input a few paragraphs of your prose, click Analyze, and the program will tell you which famous writer you resemble.

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I input part of a short story I wrote called Amends for the Dead. It’s never been published. I can’t tell if anyone would want to read the whole thing through.

So I’m going to post it in serial form on this blog and if enough people want the next installment, I’ll post it.

These are new characters — Lonny Kuhl, a freelance investigator, and his pal, Targe Wilkins. BTW, the I Write Life… analyzer said I write like Raymond Chandler. What do you think?

Amends for the Dead – Part 1

a short story by Lois Browne

Lonnie Kuhl had just begun to drift into sleep when he heard a knock on the door. He wasn’t happy about it. Sleep didn’t come so easily that he could afford to have it interrupted. And besides, at this time of night, the news was never good.

His instincts were right. Targe Wilkins, one of the high school friends Lonnie had looked up when he returned to his home town, brought bad news. Vonnie Markham, who for a year had lived with Lonnie’s family, had been murdered.

Lonnie hesitated a moment before starting to dress. “Details?”

Targe told him Vonnie was found about midnight in her house, apparently killed by a burglar. Targe didn’t know anything more, but he’d keep his ears open and be in touch.


When Lonnie arrived at the address, he found that one of the detectives was also an old acquaintance. Frank Pirelli came over to where he was standing on the perimeter of the crime scene.

To the uniformed officer guarding the tape he said, “Let him through.” To Lonnie, “This way,” and as they headed back up the sidewalk, “How did you find out about this?”

“A friend,” Lonnie said.

Later, when Pirelli explained to his partner, Stan Federico, why he allowed a civilian access, he mentioned the years they spent together in high school.

“He knew her well,” Pirelli added. “And he’s sharp. He may be able to help.”

“He escaped the bad influences too?” asked his partner, who knew the neighbourhood Pirelli had come from.

“He didn’t have to,” said Pirelli. “He just stared them down.”

Part 2 and 3 can be found here and here.
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