Price change on Murder in the Clubhouse

I’ve been offering the short story Murder in the Clubhouse:  A Diamond Girls Mystery for free on Smashwords since Aug 5, promoting it through Twitter, Facebook, my Girls of Summer web site and this blog.

Cover, Murder in the Clubhouse, short story, mystery, set in AAGPBL eraThe story centres on pro girl ballplayers in the 1940s who turn detective when a local supporter is found dead in their clubhouse. Two of the players — the Diamond cousins Jo and Harry — know something that the police don’t and if they tell, it may be the end of their team and their playing careers.  They have no choice. They have to find the killer before the police find out the girls are hiding something.

Yesterday I tweeted and announced on Facebook that I would start charging for it sometime this morning. It had been downloaded 182 times (about 10 times a day) before I changed the price from Free to $0.99.

It will be interesting to see if there are any further downloads now that people have to pay for it.

To authors and anybody else interested in marketing and promotion strategies, I’ll let you know how it goes.  #indiepub

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2 thoughts on “Price change on Murder in the Clubhouse

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