A paragliding adventure in Nepal

I have hundreds of photos of all the places I’ve travelled over the years.

Just since 2009 that includes India, Nepal, Mexico, England, Scotland, the Netherlands, Italy, Berlin, the German and Austrian Alps, and Slovenia. The truth is I hardly ever look at the photos and rarely share them.

View of Annapurnas from hillside in Pokhara in Nepal, Feb 2010

A view from the hillside outside Pokhara, Nepal just before we took off to paraglide over Lake Phewa in the bottom right-hand corner.

Today I was looking through photos of when I went tandem paragliding on the outskirts of Pokhara in Nepal and I remember what a beautiful day it was — bright and cool with just enough of a breeze.

It was February 2010, I had just finished a six-month stint as an international volunteer in northern India and Pokhara was a relatively luxurious month-long holiday before heading back to Canada. By luxurious, I mean hot water, flush toilets and food I didn’t have to cook on a hotplate.

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3 thoughts on “A paragliding adventure in Nepal

  1. I would never be brave enough to paraglide. I’m glad you had a wonderful time here. With the greatly devalued rupee, lots of visitors will be heading here this season.

    • Thanks, Dai
      Your blog looks like it has lots of info for someone planning a trip to Nepal. I hope to return some day. It’s a very special place.

      • Hi Lois and thanks. Well I live in Kathmandu year round so we do tend to gain lots of knowledge. I am from Bournemouth in the UK but now I am married to a Nepali so I live here full time. It’s amazing just how many visitors come back again and again. You take care Lois and lots of good wishes from me in Kathmandu.

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