What’s Wattpad?

I was at Word on the Street in Toronto in September for the first time in years. There were a lot of people wandering around, checking out discounted books, eating corn on the cob and snacks on offer, but the most popular feature seemed to be the readings. Chairs were filled well in advance of the start time.

Word on the Street, Toronto, 2013

One of the busiest venues was the Toronto Star marquee which, when I was there, was fully occupied.  Every seat was filled and people were standing four and five deep to hear the panel of Chantal Hebert, Thomas Walkom and Tim Harper talk about the Year in Ontario Politics at Queen’s Park.

Wattpad.com, a Toronto-based web site for writers and readers, was there. I knew of it but hadn’t spent any time on it.

Wattpad advertises itself as “the best place to read and share stories” and I have to agree. It’s all free.

As with all sites where anyone can post what they’ve written, there’s a wide range in terms of quality.

I hadn’t decided to post anything, but the enthusiasm of the guy I spoke to at the booth persuaded me. Besides,  I wanted to figure out how to use the site. More and more I find that no matter how thorough instructions are for new web sites, it’s better just to jump in, start at the beginning and find out for yourself.Wattpad logo

My short story Amends for the Dead is now available for viewing.  It’s had 90 reads so far, and two votes. I’m not exactly sure what a vote is supposed to mean, but I’m going to take it as encouragement to continue writing.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Wattpad?

  1. Heinrich Heine

  2. I am stopping by as part of the IU Block Party. Glad to meet you Lois.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, Peggy. I’m glad it was helpful.

  4. My agent recommended I look into this. Thanks for posting!

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