My Fiction

Death on a Dig


When a neighbour begs Gwen Madden to drop everything and head to an archaeological dig in Mexico to search for her missing daughter, Gwen has her own compelling reasons for accepting the challenge.

Within 24 hours she is tracking the young woman’s last known activities whereabouts.  Her investigation of a disappearance becomes the investigation of a murder and the first body is just the beginning.

Death on a Dig by Lois Browne is available for sale as an ebook on Smashwords at, on Amazon at and other major online retailers for $3.99.

Comments (and reviews at Smashwords, Amazon or are welcome.  I read all my emails and answer all questions. You can also follow me on Twitter @loislmb.

In the Early Hours

In the Early Hours is a Gwen Madden short story.

In the Early Hours Cover for Gwen Madden short storyA family friend has been murdered, his body found on a park bench. The victim isn’t a favourite with Gwen Madden, but her daughter Isabel is distraught. The best support Gwen can offer is to find the murderer.

Unlike my first Gwen Madden story Death on a Dig, a full-length novel set in Mexico, this story is set in Toronto. The body is discovered on a bench in Cedarvale Ravine, a public park lined with homes of Toronto’s well-heeled that most people would have said had left its unsavoury reputation in the past.

Click on the cover and you’ll go directly to its Smashwords location where you can buy it for $0.99

Murder in the Clubhouse

Murder in the Clubhouse, cover, AAGPBL murder mystery

A short story set in the world of the All-American Girls Professional Ball League of 1943 to 1954. Available on Smashwords and Amazon. Click on cover image to purchase for $.99.

Ed Harrow was one of the Belles’ biggest fans. So why did he end up dead in the team’s clubhouse?

Teammates Jo Diamond and her cousin Harry recognize a clue the police have found at the scene, but if they tell what they know, it could be the end of the team and their professional baseball careers.

Their only option is to find the killer before the police find out their secret.

Amends for the Dead


Amends for the Dead CoverA noirish short story set in a world where even the nicest streets have their share of meanness. Available FFN, meaning Free For Now on Smashwords. Click on cover to read for free on Smashwords. It’s also available on, the “best place to read and share stories.”

Lonnie Kuhl’s high school friend and secret crush, Vonnie Markham is dead, murdered in the dead of night by a burglar.

The case wraps up quickly, and then just as quickly comes undone as Lonnie, with the help of pal Targe Wilkins, follows clues and more dead bodies to find out why Vonnie really died and who killed her.


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  2. Hi Lois,

    I noticed your book, Death on a Dig. It looks like a genre we might be interested in. Do you have a copy we can read? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


    Julie Vo
    Author Talent Scout
    California Times Publishing, Los Angeles

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